How To Create WordPress Portfolio Website (9 Easy Steps)

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How To Create WordPress Portfolio Website

Are you a website designer looking for a platform to showcase your work?

Do you need to create an outstanding online portfolio to depict the art that you’ve created?

Every designer wants to create an excellent portfolio to stand out of the competitors. Photographers and creative artists look for online portfolios to showcase their work. Having an online portfolio website helps you get visibility online and you can expect some leads directly.

If someone is looking for hiring a photographer, videographer, or an artist, they usually search for professionals online. WordPress can be the perfect solution for building a portfolio online. This platform is considered to be a cost-effective solution for WordPress portfolio websites and portals.

Here are some portfolio design tips to help you create the best WordPress website.

1. Figure Out The Purpose Of The Website

purpose of website

Some artists may want to sell their paintings online, while some other videographers would expect to get some local leads to hire them.

Before you begin to build your WordPress portfolio website, you should try to identify the purpose of creating the site. Think of what you’re trying to achieve and move in the right direction. Whether you want to find a job online or boost sales, make sure that you understand the competition and get started with WordPress website design services.

2. Buy A Domain Name

Buy a domain name

Purchasing the domain name is the first step after you’ve identified the purpose of your website in the digital world.

When you have made up your mind to build a website, you can think of your business name and buy a domain that becomes your brand identity. GoDaddy and NameCheap are the two popular platforms that can be used for purchasing domains of your choice.

3. Pick The Best Theme

One of the major benefits of WordPress is that it has a wide range of themes available. You can browse through a few relevant themes and choose the most eye-catchy theme for your WordPress portfolio website.

The theme you select should be beautiful and powerful to showcase your work samples. Both free and paid themes are available online to create a professional portfolio website.

4. Use Plugins

Portfolio designer WP plugin

If you want to add the desired functionality to your portfolio website, WordPress plugins can help.

One such effective plugin is: Portfolio Designer. There are unlimited choices for plugins for building your website, and so, you can choose the right plugins to create amazing websites to showcase your portfolio.

5. Showcase Your Best Work

Showcase your best work

Nobody can tell you which work you should display on the front page of your portfolio website. It’s just you who can decide that.

Remember that you just have a few seconds to impress the visitors. The first 30 seconds can grab the attention of the visitors or make them leave your website if they do not find the portfolio works attractive. Highlight the best work and achievements to capture the attention of the visitors.

6. Use High Quality Images

Portfolio websites should have attractive HD images to draw the attention of visitors and users.
It is important to use top quality images to represent your works. Choose appropriate sizes and colors of the images that you need to showcase on your WordPress portfolio website.

7. Segment Your Work Into Categories

website navigation

15-30 seconds is all you have to catch the attention of the people, and it is essential to make your online portfolio easy to navigate.

For the convenience of the users, you can segment and classify your work into well-defined categories so that the users can find the work they’re looking for. Easy navigation would increase the time spent on your portfolio website. Keep the navigation as simple and possible and your website would be loved by the users.

8. Choose Your Content Wisely

Content Marketing

Putting a few nice photos of your work won’t help. You would need content to help search engines make your website rank higher in Google.

You can hire a professional writer or DIY content writing for your website. Along with short descriptions of the samples, you can mention the problems solved and how it benefited your clients. You can also add a blog to your website and post relevant information that interests the readers.

9. Loading Speed

Website loading

Nobody would like to browse through your website if it is slow loading. Visitors can be turned off with slow loading pages on WordPress portfolio website. Do not make the visitors wait for the pages to load as they do not have much time to waste.

Use of too much flash or animated images can slow down your website. Try everything possible to accelerate your website’s speed and increase the conversion rate.

Creating an outstanding portfolio website and showcasing your work in style is a desire of every professional or agency. Using WordPress can help you gain more traffic and attention from your prospects. Hire the best WordPress website development company and create stunning and eye-catchy portfolio site to showcase your work to the online world.

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