Best WordPress Plugins For Team Showcase

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Team Showcase WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for a way to showcase your team member on your WordPress website? If yes, then you are in the right article. Here, we will define a team showcase WordPress plugins to help you out with it.

Displaying your employees on the website who work really hard for your company’s products or services will help you to develop a strong relationship with your customers. You can use these plugins to showcase team members for small companies or large organizations with more than one department.

If you are using WordPress then you are lucky, because there are a plethora of WordPress plugins available in the market.

So, let’s start with a powerful top 10 team showcase WordPress plugins.

1. Portfolio Designer

Portfolio Designer

The portfolio designer is an amazing plugin for developing unique and responsive galleries on your website. It also helps you to showcase the team employees on your website with an amazing appearance.

This plugin supports the most popular layout like Grid, Masonry, Slider, and Justify. There are 50+ predefined effects as well as the animation is there for your portfolio project title, links, theme, and buttons on the hover action.

It is a totally user friendly and responsive WordPress plugin that displays your photos, products, or services and displays their social media links. Anyone can use this plugin because no additional coding is required for this plug.

Ultimately, this is all in one plugin. Because using this plugin you can showcase team member’s details, develop galleries, portfolio, logo, and many other things.


2. Team Showcase

Team Showcase

The Team Showcase WordPress plugin is perfect for displaying your staff, employees. You can even divide them into various groups or categories. It is also helpful for displaying other content or testimonials with the required content and text on your WordPress website.

Furthermore, you can display your employees in the 4 layouts such as grid, grid with information on hover, table as well as thumbnails. You can also customize with the numerous pre-build style options.

You can also use drag and drop ordering for the smooth alteration in the order of your staff or team member.

Whenever you are inserting the new record, you have a new field for particular content. But, by default, these fields are Free HTML – The text area where you can add HTML information, JobTitle, Telephone, Email, Personal website, Location as well as Social media links for the new employee record.


3. Modern Team Showcase

Modern Team Showcase

The Modern Team Showcase plugin provides excellent output in lesser time. It also helps you to connect your team member data and display it in any place on your website in wonderful grids, columns, and tables layout. However, speed is an important reason for developing this plugin.

It also provides responsive presets which quickly start with any preset with the combination of elements in it that you require on your website. It demonstrates prototype web design so quickly, so you can get wonderful output in less time. On the other side, it also supports the custom layout according to your needs.


4. The Team Pro

The Team Pro

This is an amazing WordPress plugin to build and control your team page. It shows 8 wonderful presets such as a drawer, modals, slid-in, grid, circle, card, table as well as list. It provides a number of style options for your website. You can just develop an amazing appearing team section on your website in very little time.

It appears with a clear design.


5. Team Builder

Team Builder

Team builder is a wonderful multi-purpose WordPress plugin with the core purpose of developing an amazing team display on your website. Using this plugin you can create a wonderful team showcase in a few amounts of time. It supports visual drag and drops the admin builder.

It has different layouts like a grid, slider, table as well as widgets. This plugin also provides team filtering by department wise or any other tags. Apart from team showcasing, you can build testimonials and logos as well.


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6. DV Team Responsive Team Showcase

DV Team Responsive Team Showcase

DV Team is a premium responsive Team Showcase WordPress plugin. You can develop unlimited themes, team members as well as categories. This is a fully customizable plugin.

Moreover, it is fully responsive and with the clean design. You can also organize your team members with different categories. Also, support the social icon bar for your website. It provides 5 different grid styles, 5 custom widgets as well as 6 custom post formats to make your amazing team showcase.


7. Heroes Assemble

Heroes Assemble

Heroes Assemble is powerful and easy to create, edit, and display your team members, staff, or any kind of group on your WordPress website.

Moreover, this plugin is compatible with almost all the themes which follow the WordPress coding and standard. It has a great appearing profile model. In addition to this, it supports 10 different grid styles and 12 different color skins.

It is a translator ready plugin. Heroes Assemble is fully responsive and has a clear design.


8. Team Press

Team Press

TeamPress is an amazing WordPress plugin that helps you to showcase information about your team members including name, designation, image, and link to any social media account.

Using this plugin you can showcase all the information with various styles, layouts, and anywhere by shortcuts and widgets. There are 60+ wonderful layouts. It works with any themes and no coding required. It also provides a custom field for custom data rather than a fixed field. Ultimate color option available for team showcasing.


9. Creative Team Showcase

Creative Team Showcase

Creative Team Showcase is an amazing WordPress plugin that introduces your team creativity. It provides 6 different layouts with more than one option with each layout.

It is totally customized and manages everything without any hurdles. Moreover, it is fully responsive. You can drag and drop the team members accordingly for ordering on your WordPress website. You were not required to write any kind of code.


10. Total Team

Total Team

The total team is another premium WordPress team showcase plugin with 50+ beautifully pre-designed templates. You can display different team members using various member elements and more layout designs.

It supports 7 different layouts like a flipster, grid, list, filter, thumbnail, table, as well as a carousel to choose from. Moreover, it provides custom designs. Importantly, it tested with multiple WordPress themes and versions.


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We hope that these team showcase WordPress Plugins collection is helpful for your website. These wonderful plugins help you to display your team and employee with an eye-catching layout. So, select one plugin wisely, according to the layout of the plugin.

Still, if you have doubts regarding these plugins, feel free to contact us or let us know. We will be happy to help you out!

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