How To Build Professional Portfolio Site? [Key Features To Include]

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What To Include In A Portfolio

Just developing an online portfolio is not enough for you nowadays. Moreover, you have to also take care that your portfolio website is standout in this competitive era on the World Wide Web. In addition to this, it will help you to provide an amazing way to get more creative using your information and unique ideas to reach your clients. So, in this article, we will explain the essential features to include on your amazing portfolio website.

What To Include In A Portfolio?

1. Amazing Website Design

Developing a wonderful and crystal clear online portfolio design is essential to attract more visitors nowadays. Because the online competition will be increasing day by day. Your color scheme should perfectly contrast. As well as your typography can be amazing to draw your consumer’s eyes into it. Moreover, you are not required to select a bright or white color scheme, however, you could use whitespace and stick to the best of fonts.

Furthermore, the greatest thing in website design is usability. For instance, the visitors come to your website and understand the message that you want to deliver. And, they can easily navigate the website without any kind of hurdle or not. These things are really important when it comes to website design.

Veriyas Pro WordPress Theme

Here we recommend you to Veriyas Pro WordPress theme for your portfolio website. For more detailed information you can go through the documentation and Live Demo part of the theme. It is a responsive and well-structured theme.

2. Add Portfolio Plugins

Plugins are important for adding functionality to your website. Here, we suggest you use the Portfolio Designer WordPress plugin because it will help you to create a unique, responsive, and stunning portfolio on your website. Moreover, you can create new custom post types using images, audio as well as video thumbnails.

Portfolio designer WP plugin

Furthermore, in this portfolio plugin, 50+ predefined effects and animation are there to display your portfolio project title, links, description, and magnificent buttons on hover action. For more detailed information about our portfolio plugin, you can go through the documentation and Live Demo part of the theme.

The most important thing is your tagline as it can describe yourself, show off your skills, and the services you provide to your customers using the Word Wide Web. You are not required to build a complex logo for your portfolio website, but you can develop a simple text-based and attractive logo that showcases your name.

Moreover, this thing implements a quick way for visitors to determine that your services are correct and appropriate for them before they contact you. In addition to this, always try to be short and sweet descriptive with your taglines. For instance, without a doubt, “theme” is descriptive, but it is not as descriptive as “WordPress theme”.

4. Appropriate High-Quality Images

High-quality images are important to attract more and more visitors to your portfolio website. Generally, you have to make sure you are using the highest quality of images to showcase your work. It is not just true for graphic designers, photographers, as well as artists. Moreover, the photos should also integrate the rest of your website design or layout.

However, if you do not build the visual works on your website, still you can use images for presentation purposes. But, the important thing is you should use images with high quality.

5. Insert Wonderful Videos

Apart from the images, you can also build videos that represent your work and services. That gives a clear idea to your visitors about what actually you are providing in a visual way.

Let me give you an example, if you are a website designer, then you can create videos that show how to make or use themes and related tricks and tips to your visitors on your website. You can also upload and share your videos on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and many other social media platforms.

6. Tell Your Story

You can tell a professional inspirational story to your visitors. In addition to this, it has been demonstrated that stories are more engaging compared to just listing out information.

Furthermore, you do not be nervous to break away from a professional tone to share your feelings, thoughts as well as opinions while you tell your story. You can tell your story about our web page on your portfolio website.

7. Create Blogs

Solwin Blog

Blogs are a conventional way to develop content related to your portfolio website to develop yourself as a valid existence on a specific topic. Whenever developing a blog, it is generally the best practice to make it appropriate to the services or visitors you require.

However, if you are not a strong writer then you can start a YouTube channel or podcast. In addition to this, video and audio content are obviously more popular nowadays. That is the reason, if you can speak better than you write, then go with that, and share the content or blog on your portfolio website.

For instance, on our Solwin Infotech website, we have also a separate section for the blog. In which we also built a number of blogs related to WordPress, Magento, and various website services that we are providing.

8. Call To Action (CTA)

Call to Action helps you to get more conversion rates on your portfolio WordPress website. Demonstrate the aim of your portfolio website serves, and make sure the action you want customers to take on landing pages makes sense.

Moreover, the web pages could have a CTA that permits the website visitors an applicable next step to take. Perhaps, it is like “Get Quote”, “ Buy Now” and many more. A simple and easy call to action helps you to get more revenue from your online portfolio website.

9. Contact Information

Contact information is really important for your portfolio website because using this information visitors contact you. Most importantly, you have to make it easy to navigate on your contact detail page.

Solwin Contact Us

In addition to this, you can include in your contact information like an email address, phone number, address, and various other things. You can also develop a “contact information form” for your visitors.

10. Services

The service page is really important because from there people know about what you are providing. However, on your portfolio website, once you are clear with what you do as well as what you specialize in since the design positions can differ very much.

In addition to this, developing the specialties crystal clear with the list of services, helps potential consumers. It declines in a number of queries from those requiring help with work you have no passion. Moreover, using the services you can gain more organic traffic on your portfolio website.

11. Display Process Flow With Proper Explanation

Every individual has a different style of work. So, you also have a unique style related to your work. Make some efforts to think about it, and then develop a step-by-step guide to that process for your portfolio website.

Moreover, you can also add some tools that you use in your work procedure. Generally, it will also help you to keep your client and employer on the same web page without making them ask you a number of questions related to it.

12. Relevant Social Media Account

Adding your social media account on your website is essential and a great marketing strategy for your website. You can include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and various other social media accounts on your website that you have.

Furthermore, it is not only another form of marketing, but it can also provide another way for you to look like an authority of your portfolio website on the World Wide Web. Apart from this, it helps you to gain more traffic towards your portfolio website.

13. FAQ Question

The FAQ section is the best place to locate the number of questions with the appropriate answer. Moreover, it will even decrease the number of questions and comments you receive from promising customers. In addition to this, a few topics you can include here are the way you are working, preferable communication way with your clients, payment gateways you handled, and many more.


Furthermore, if you have a Services page on your portfolio website, then you can insert your FAQ over there. However, according to me, the best place to add FAQ is on your Hire Me page.

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Link guides and tutorials on your website are important because they attract attention by sharing what you know. In addition to this, it also helps your customers to know about how actually the product is used. For instance, if you are providing services then you have to provide a link guide including the step by step guideline with the detailed information.

Moreover, you can make these tutorials and links more available and easily download for your customers.

15. Guest Allowance

Generally, it can play a great role as an authority on your portfolio website. If you insert any guest appearances on your blogs, podcasts, social media channels, as well as many more, then, you have to be sure to mention them on your website’s about page.

It is helpful to build a bond with your customer on the website. To a large extent, it will help you to gain traffic to your website.

16. Provide Free Sample

Providing a free sample always helps you to build a strong trust with your customers. If you develop artwork of any type, graphic design work, or software, and many other services that offer free samples to potential clients is a good thing for your brand image. For instance, free samples include free software, free themes, and free plugins for website developers, free art prints, free icon sets, and many more.

WordPress Themes

It will help you to showcase a real-world example for them to calculate as they decide whether you are a great fit for their business or not.

17. Showcase Testimonials

Showcasing testimonials is a great way to represent your real-time work on your website. Moreover, it can be as simple as your work talking about your work morality.


Without any single doubt, getting testimonials from previous clients is the best thing.

Final thought!

As we have mentioned some important features that you can include in your portfolio. We hope this article helps you with what and how things showcase on your portfolio website with the minimum efforts.

But still, if you have any doubts regarding these above-explained points, feel free to contact us or let us know about it. We are always happy to help you out.

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