How To Speed Up Your Gallery On WordPress [Proven Tips]

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Website speed is really important when it comes to gaining more traffic on your website. And especially for a gallery that loads faster helps you to get the attention of your website visitors for a long period of time. Moreover, it can also enhance your SEO rank by decreasing the bounce rate of your amazing WordPress website. But, how to speed up image loading of your website?

Furthermore, as you can see in the below image the Google research demonstrates that the website with 1 to 5 second load time has increased the bounce rate up to 90% approximately. And if it increases up to 10 seconds then the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%.

speed info

Without a doubt, images are famous for decreasing website loading times. And with that, it also harms the user experience if it will take a long time to load. So, today here in this article we will explain some amazing ways to speed up your gallery on your website.

Let’s start without any further ado.

Way To Speed Up Your Gallery on WordPress

1. Resize The Big Images

The big size images always play a role in slowing down your website. Generally, no matter which WordPress theme you are using for your website because the theme may be able to showcase photos up to a specific highest width of images. That simply means that if you are putting pictures with dimensions more then the maximum width, then you are making your images file sizes more prominent compared to your visitors required to have.

In addition to this, you have to always make sure to resize your images before uploading them on your website. Due to that, the photos will be loaded faster on your website whenever visitors. Moreover, eye-catching photos with the proper size and shape always attract more and more visitors to your website. There is various online software available for resizing images. But, using, you can properly resize your images for the gallery according to your needs.

2. Compress Your Image Before Adding In Gallery

After you have adjusted the dimension of your images, then after your priority is compressing your gallery pictures for your WordPress website. Moreover, the image compression can gain advantages for visitors with getting images loaded faster on the website as well as web pages use less space on the web host.

For the resizing gallery images, you can use either a plugin to help with compression or online software or tool. ShortPixel Image Optimizer WordPress plugin is the most popular image compression plugin in the market. It is a lightweight plugin that helps you to compress your images and increase the website SEO ranking. Most importantly, image compression does not decrease the physical size of a picture but compresses the data that makes up the image into a smaller size. So, it will load faster on your website.

3. Choose Faster Host Service

The good quality, as well as faster host service, is really important for speed up your website as well as galley speed. Because, if your web host provides a slow response time, then there is a chance to decrease the user experience.

On the other hand, the attention span of people on the website is so short that within three seconds, you can lose your website visitor. Even a 1-second delay in the web page response, you will get a 7% reduction in the conversion rate on your website. Apart from that, the bounce rate will be higher, as well as the number of individuals visiting your website is decreasing. Ultimately, slower web service badly impacts on the gallery page to load multiple images on your website. That is the reason to select a faster web host with a proper bandwidth is important.

The list of best host service providers:

And many more….

4. Using CDNs To Deliver Content And Image

A full form of CDN, the content delivery network that helps you to speed up your website as well as image loading time. Moreover, the CDN is a great way and helps to store your online website related files on more than one data center around the globe. So, when someone visits your website, then they can download your files or images from whatever data center is closest to their location.

Generally, using a CDN, your files exist in more than one location around the world as well as a load from the center that is nearest to your customer or website visitors. In addition to this, the CDN is a quick and simple way to increase your website load times.

There are various CDN services available in the market. Google Cloud is a good option for your website.

Google Cloud

5. Page Caching Your Gallery Content Using WordPress Plugin

The web page caching makes it easier for your website to serve content faster to your visitors. Because browser caching is not the just way to speed up your WordPress website all time. Most importantly, web page caching can both speed up image loading as well as speed up the rest of your website, as well

In addition to this, you can use the WP Super Cache WordPress plugin for static files like images, Javascript, as well as CSS files that can be provided using these networks to speed up how fast your website loads.

wp super cache wordpress plugin

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6. Reducing Hotlinking For Images

Last but not least, hotlinking is whenever the other websites post images that are hosted on your server. Generally, it makes your web server use resources to make other’s websites great. And that is not good for your business.

In addition to this, one of the most important things you can do to both enhance your gallery speed as well as protect your images is to disable image hotlinking on your website. There are a number of WordPress plugin options available for your website. You can use the All In One WP Security and Firewall WordPress plugin for your website.

Additional Tip: You can also use the GTmetrix software to test your website speed.

This is the powerful website test tool that tracks your performance over time. And notify you whenever your website page is slow down. You can check your gallery page of your website using this online website speed test tool.

Final Thought!

In this article, we have explained some important points related to speed up image loading on your website. We hope this article helps you out with increasing the speed of your gallery.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding this, then feel free to contact us or let us know about us. We are always happy to help you out with your trouble. We also recommend you to go through the below link to speed up your whole WordPress website.

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