How To Get Your Photography Work Noticed?

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how to get your photography work noticed

Photographers like to show their photography work on the blog, website, and even on the social media platform. But, getting the photos to stand out is the biggest hurdle for them. Right here, we have explained the 10 best tips to get your photography noticed. Moreover, it will help to build your brand presence online and recognition for your photography business. But, keep in mind that your photos should be appealing and attractive to the viewers.

Let’s Begin.

1. Make Sure Your Photos Are Ready To Share on the Internet

Many individuals are curious about publishing their work even though it is not ready. Always remember that if you want to get noticed, then you need properly edited images. Otherwise, people start ignoring you. Sometimes, even simple images can get a lot of recognition.

The important thing is how you showcase the subject in the picture. You can share your visually appealing photos to the targeted audience after analyzing it properly.

2. Think Something Unique and Out of Box

Being good at photography is not enough to become a successful photographer. There are millions of photographs in the world that are good from a technical standpoint. Successful photographers are not only creating good work but also trying to reach more people. If you want to get your photos noticed, then you have to go with the unique photos. Also, think about how many of those photos truly make your work better and get noticed.

To become an eminent photographer, it is time to think outside the box and develop unique and eye-catching images. Rather than just taking your digital camera and snapping away, try something else. Work on your idea, or think of a technique that will stay better than your competitors.

3. Produce Good Quality Content

Instead of focusing only on photos, it is important to produce quality content that is appealing and entertaining. If your photos are stunning with the proper content, then people like to scroll more. To grab attention from the audience in the World Wide Web, it is great to practice more.

low quality

Amazing content is not just about showcasing your online presence but also improving your presentation of your photography work. Importantly, people will also notice the stunning images and related descriptions in your portfolio.

4. Be Active on Photo Hosting Websites

As a photographer, having a photography website and being active on it is a must. Moreover, a photo hosting website is different from social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The example of photography websites is like Flickr, SmugMug, 500px, iStock, and many more. These websites are not only the way to show images in front of people, but most of them are pocket friendly to set up (Some of them are free to use).

Furthermore, the one thing that you need to take care of is being very conscious of using metadata that you will use to tag your images with these websites. This way, individuals can find your photographs if they are doing a regular search for them on various search engines.

Apart from this, Photos of Us is a wonderful online photo sharing and selling website that helps you to get attention online. Along with directly sharing your photos with the client, this tool can be used to post some of your most popular photos that anyone can view or purchase. In this tool, when you upload images, the powerful algorithm automatically provides image relevant tags. It will help the potential customer to find your image without any trouble.

5. Create a Photography Blog To Increase Your Online Presence

If you are serious about getting recognized, then build an online presence for your photography business. In the present day, there are various places available for you to share your work with others, and the most important sharing source is blogging.

It is important to update your blog on a regular basis to get consistent readers. Moreover, it helps to raise better in the search engines. With the blog, you can showcase your work or highlight the services with the other useful content value.

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6. Participate in Photography Contests For More Recognition

Photography contests can be a wonderful way to get your photography work in front of the right people. It will not only get you noticed, but you may win useful equipment, cash, or other valuable prizes. The important thing is that you always make sure to read the terms and conditions before you enter a particular contest.

Always, remember that even if you have the best images, it does not mean that you will be the winner each time. So just be patient. You will get the recognition that you deserve.

7. Use Social Media To Reach a Wider Audience

Nowadays, people will probably be interested in what you are doing and will expect to be able to find and follow you on the social media platform. You can use the right social media accounts, and your followers will give you free advertising.

social media

If you are not sure about which network to start with, then pick one that most of your existing near ones and dear ones already use. In addition to this, they are the most likely to share your images on their own social media account, especially if you are just getting started. In this way, your photos will get attention.

As you have your own WordPress photography website and want to integrate your photos with different social media networks. In this case, you can use the Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin. It is a powerful WordPress plugin that supports growing social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

With this plugin, you can build an attractive and fully responsive social media wall on your website or blog page. Apart from this, the plugin supports the 6 most popular layout styles like Grid, List, Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider, and many more. In addition to this, the plugins offer 40+ customization options for styling and designing.

8. Publish Eye-catching Photos To Attract Clients

There are various ways to publish your photos. The foremost option is to submit your work online to the websites. For instance, if you are interested in the artistic picture, then you can try Juxtapoz, and My Modern Met, etc.

The second most suitable option is that you can start your own photography website and showcase your photos to gain more visitor’s attention. With this, you can easily earn money. And importantly, you can publish your photos at any time on your website without paying money to a third-party. Another way is to publish your photos in the local tabloid and magazines. From that also you can earn money.

9. Develop Outstanding Photography Galleries

Another great way to get your name and work highlight to the public eye is by using photo galleries. Generally, galleries save some time and effort searching for single photos. Digital galleries are an effortless way to earn a little more money and get your photos observed.

To create responsive WordPress galleries on your website, use the Portfolio Designer WordPress plugin. The plugin supports more than 50 predesigned effects and animations to display your portfolio links, title, description, and magnificent buttons on hover effects. With this plugin, you can develop a gallery in a few minutes.


Furthermore, with this plugin, you can create unlimited custom post types and multiple portfolios on your website or a single page using shortcodes. Importantly, it is a fully responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress gallery plugin to display your photos and share them on social media. In the end, no additional coding skills are required to use this plugin.

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10. Experiment with Photos to Get Noticed

Last but not least, positive experimentation with your photos helps with getting point out. Try doing photo projects and share them on websites such as PetaPixel, SLRLounge, Expert Photography, and many more. You can discuss any topic with your audience or make a DIY box, and many other things that people find interesting. Apart from this, you can also showcase your skills as a photographer. Teach people how to take photos in the most effective and creative ways.

Remember that when you share your photography work on the internet, your name will also be present in it. This means people can know more about your photography business. It is a perfect way to get attention and increase new clients.

Concluding Lines

We hope these above-illustrated tips help your photography business get noticed. The key is determination and the quality of your work with consistency to gain more recognition. If you are not familiar with WordPress and want to build a photography website, then content our web development team.

Try it today on your own and see the outcome. Good Luck!

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