What Are The Characteristics Of A Powerful Portfolio Website?

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Characteristics Of Portfolio Website

In this competitive era, it is important to create a portfolio website that stands out from your competitors. As a portfolio designer, a portfolio website is an ideal way to showcase your work. The Adobe study found that 59% of individuals will read or browse through something magnificently designed than something plain and boring. Moreover, a well-crafted portfolio website will attract more visitors and generate more leads. Here, in this article, we have explained the eleven characteristics of a stunning portfolio website.

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1. Give Your Portfolio Website A Unique Appearance

Normally, a plain portfolio website is easier to develop. Right! But, it would probably not help you to attract more clients. However, you have to make your website unique because your whole website reflects your work.

You can customize your pre-designed website theme according to your portfolio requirement and make it your own. Apart from this, you can also use the Portfolio Designer WordPress plugin for creating outstanding portfolios, unique galleries, or display into your WordPress website in any desired layout. With this plugin, you can create a beautiful gallery in a few minutes. It supports 50+ predeveloped effects and animation to showcase your portfolio project titles, description links, and many more.

Grid Layout

2. Offer Clear Services

On your portfolio website, you should concisely communicate to your visitors regarding the services that you offered. However, you can not assume that your visitors will have a clear understanding of the services that are provided on your website. Some portfolio website owners decide to showcase prices on the website, whilst others prefer not to post prices. Whatever method you choose make sure it should clearly reflect your service.

If you have an online business, then the details of the services that you are providing should be mentioned into your price packages. On the other hand, if you have decided not to show prices then, simply ask the visitors to complete a contact form for the quote or pricing. For instance, Solwin Infotech provides Web Development, Web Design, and SEO services in a clear navigation menu. In addition to this, when the visitors click on the services, they will get an in-detailed description of every service.

3. Be Creative

The creative work shows your creativity, unique thinking ability, and your practical ability to your visitors. A professional portfolio website features more creative designs and a true representation of their work and skills. Moreover, potential clients will expect to see creativity as well as originality from your portfolio website.

An attractive portfolio design with a unique appearance will increase more crowd on your website.

4. Present Your Past Work As Examples

On your portfolio website, clients want to see your past work as an example. That reflects your potential work and skills. When you showcase your work attractively and creatively, overturning your work is sometimes not good for you. The quality and presentation of your work is a crucial factor in the success of your portfolio website.

Importantly, do not show all your past projects on the homepage or service page. Approximately three to five strongest work examples are enough for you. If you have worked with an eminent company in the past, then it helps you better and builds trust in your visitor’s mind.

5. Create Fresh And Latest Content

Creating fresh content regularly can help you to increase regular traffic on your website. Content is the king on the website. In addition to this, regular updates in the content on your portfolio website will help your audience to stay updated.

Evaluate and update your portfolio content at the end of a year or even every six months. Moreover, Google likes fresh and latest content. So, it is a great way to increase the search engine ranking of your portfolio website. Apart from this, you can also create engaging videos that keep visitors spend a long time on your website.

Furthermore, when you create fresh content, you have more scope to use your target keywords. Whether it is a portfolio blog, an article, or a detailed description of a video, you need to optimize content with suitable keywords that can attract visitors to your portfolio website. The more you share the latest and fresh content about a specific topic, the stronger you become an eminent brand online or improve your online reputation at the same time.

6. Showcase Your Best Work

It is always better to showcase the best work than everything on your portfolio website. Moreover, the visitors are not going to look through everything, so make sure you can display the content with maximum impact. Sometimes, displaying the best work will reflect your skills, ability, and quality.

On your portfolio website, you may be offering a different kind of design, so it is great to show impacted examples for particular categories than having a huge collection of your work. You can showcase your work on your homepage.

7. Add Personal Touch On Your Portfolio Website

If you do not engage visitors in the discussion, then they will lose interest and quickly move to another website. When your personality speaks for you, you will gain their attention and draw them to stay on your work. You have to update your online portfolio regularly and add your personal connection. Make sure it is relevant to the customers you want to work with, integrates your strong point of view, and reflects a unique personality. Creating a portfolio with a personal touch truly stands out on the World Wide Web.

These days, it is very problematic to create trust with a visitor to your website when it is the first time that you introduce yourself. You have less time to represent your best until the visitors leave and go to your competitor’s portfolio website.

Having a clear and professional photo creates a sense of personal touch. The visitors want someone just like you, who can give them the best overall experience online. It is easier for people to spend money with you if they can connect with you easily on a personal level. The important thing is that a clear personality may improve the chances of conversion on your portfolio website.

8. Call To Action

Call to action helps you to get more conversion rates on your portfolio website. You can showcase the aim of your portfolio website services. You can also include the action you want customers to take on the landing pages.

An easy call to action button on your portfolio website will help to get more revenue.

Call To Action

On web pages, you may include CTA such as Get Quote, or Purchase Now. If you insert more than one call to action, then it may confuse your visitors with what they have to do to get started for their website or portfolio project.

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9. Acknowledge Your Ideal Customer

Figure out the important benefits from your ideal customers, help you adjust your message, and make it as powerful as possible. Understanding the requirements of the customer is crucial. The basic requirements of the project vary from client to client.

Do not try to use all fancy and technical terms on your portfolio website. If your customers do not understand them, then it will badly impact your website traffic. Moreover, you can use the language that your clients easily understand, so it is easier for them to connect with you.

Approach the path to finding your ideal client as a learning process. Take your time for research and may find that targeting people strategically is the way to success. True! Sometimes, it will develop a personal touch with your visitors.

10. Share Your Work Process

A case study is a detailed description of your portfolio design process for a single project or case. When you define your process to clients will boost your noticed value and value of your profession. It also helps you become known as an expert and illustrate how you reached your visionary solutions. Moreover, it adds authenticity to your portfolio work.

To create your portfolio work, use pictures, words, and video. The possibility is going to look for the quality of the final work and its results. You can use the WP Timeline Designer Pro WordPress plugin to show your work process, achievements, and many more. This plugin makes your website posts more stunning to attract more visitors and clients. To make a unique timeline, you can manage a random color, icon, set a vertical or horizontal timeline for a WordPress website.

WP Timeline Designer Pro

11. Testimonials


A testimonial is a third party statement, and getting it from the previous client is a great thing. One study found that 72% of customers say that positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business.

Furthermore, testimonials and reviews can enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and boost traffic on your portfolio website. Ultimately, they will improve conversion rates and sales on your website.

Final Verdicts!

That is the end! Now, you can build an attractive portfolio website after reading through our article. A clear call to action is an important characteristic of a great portfolio. Make sure to show your best work with a personal touch on the portfolio website. Moreover, you can also showcase your work process using the timeline plugin.

If you have any doubts about the characteristics of an outstanding portfolio website, then please let us know in the comment section below.

All the best!

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